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A Magical Trip to Hong Kong Disneyland


Hello world ! My Dear Diary, I still can’t believe I had this chance to barely travel from Philippines to Hong Kong Disneyland with my two little girls Niña and Colleen, and my husband Jay as a family! This is one magical ride, young and memorable moments happily and specially dedicated for my children now that they’re fast growing up. For me , Disneyland is as big as dreams specially...

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Happy Mother’s Day, Mama!


Mama, I was just young when you first taught me a prayer ” My Guardian Angel “. It was not like every night we do it, nor wrote it for me to be memorized. It was just a story you told me, on how little kids should pray. When I had that few moments with you before, I keep on asking you, What’s next Ma? until I got the whole prayer in me and surprisingly without any pen and paper, ...

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Monastery of the Holy Eucharist! (Birhen sa Simala)


My first time to visit the holy place, the Monastery of the Holy Eucharist (Birhen sa Simala) in Sibonga, Cebu is truly a memorable one with my family. Indeed, it was a long road travel from Lapu Lapu City, dropping off at the Cebu City South Bus terminal to take a bus ride heading to the holy place in Simala, under the sunniest at temperature 37 degree celcius, the hottest in the afternoon but it...

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Chinese New Year


Xien Nien Kuai Le to our Chinese dear friends and to all or chinese communities here in the Philippines! Cheers everyone and have a blessed and a kind fruitful year for all of us. A good friendship sets no country apart to share a good smile as we bring us all together as one, as good friends as well as a family to each other, for we are celebrating with you all with a good heart as we warmly welc...

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Sinulog 2013,Viva Pit Senyor!

sinulog festival

What a beautiful Sunday! Happy Fiesta Cebu, and have a nice day ahead, everyone! The big day is over! with a very tiring yet a very rewarding experience  with my family the whole day. It was a fair weather and everyone is out under the sun! As they all say ” the risk is worth the reward! and it sounds perfectly that way! Just witnessed the fluvial procession of the miraculous Sto. Niño De ...

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Jan 19, 2013 - Family    2 Comments

Today My Life Begins


Hello 2013! Yet a brand new year and yes, a whole new beginning to start a new journey all over again! I’m back ! Hmmmm, with the same old line ” I ain’t gonna be late again, this year..Promise! Owwws? Well; this time around, not anymore the same. I swear! Seriously for many years now, it didn’t work for me at all. So I’ve been thinking so hard. I have not been so ser...

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The Knocked Out Aftershock!

manny pacquiao juan manuel marquez knock-out

It’s been two days and still not a blessed day for us all Filipinos and for many people around the world who looked up to him ( Manny Pacquiao ) as the great boxing legend and the world’s boxing champion who fell on the boxing ring in a worst, ill-fated and death ending like game  in the 6th round fight. It seems like Marquez’s counter punch lulls him to sleep! Sounds like a big...

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My Little Christmas Tree

magical christmas

Hello..everyone! My best wishes to all. It’s Christmas time once again my dear friends and I’m back counting the days off to end the “ber” months soon! But before the year ends pretty soon, it’s a big yes….! for everybody. December time is finally here. You see everyday is such a beautiful affair with good friends wearing good smiles and share stories for a litt...

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